Developed at MIT’s Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies and incubated at Argonne National Lab, Mesodyne's technology converts fuel to electricity in the 5-500 W range to enable long-endurance portable power for remote applications and mobile platforms.

Mesodyne’s technology was initially developed at MIT’s Institute of Soldier Nanotechnologies during the cofounders’ graduate studies. After demonstrating the world record hydrocarbon thermophotovoltaic efficiency in a benchtop experiment in 2017 and participating in an accelerator at MIT, Dr. Veronika Stelmakh and Dr. Walker Chan founded the company in 2018. After completing the NSF I-corps and further validating product market fit, Mesodyne joined the Chain Reaction Innovations program at ANL and was subsequently awarded a Phase I NSF SBIR. Through this funding, Mesodyne is currently developing a 20 W prototype available for purchase in 2020, ideal for remote instrumentation.

We are proud to manufacture our prototype units in-house at our facility in Somerville, MA where our office, lab space, and employees are all located.

Mesodyne is a Woman-Owned Small Business located in a designated Opportunity Zone.

Founding Team



Dr. Veronika Stelmakh
CEO | Cofounder



Dr. Walker Chan
Scientific Cofounder